Seika Mini

  • eight key braille keyboard
  • cursor keys above each braille cell
  • four function keys and two navigation joysticks
  • battery life up to 10 hours use and recharging will take approximately three hours
  • sleep timer
  • supplied with leather carry case, neck strap, USB cable, 4GB SD card, USB memory disk.



Roughly the size of a paperback book, this 16 cell braille display enables you to read the information in braille and control your portable devices while on the move. Connect via Bluetooth to your laptop or your iPhone enabling both braille input and output. You can also use the Seika mini without an additional device to make notes, use the calculator and a number of other useful applications.

Technical Specifications

Display Capacity 16 refreshable 8-dots Braille cells / 24 refreshable 8-dots Braille cells(seika mini24)
Cursor router Key 16 keys / 24 keys(seika mini24)
Function Key 4 function keys, 2 Navigation joysticks keys
Braille input key 8 keys
Character code Original 8 code
Memory 4GB(Embedded Micro SD card)
Interface USB, Mini USB, Micro SD card slot
Internal battery Lithium rechargeable battery, up to 10 hours of battery use (varies with use)
charge time 2.5 hours / 4 hours (seika mini24)
(the charge time will be longer if the “Seika Mini” is in use at the same time)
Power Supply USB / AC Adapter / Internal battery
Size, Weight 6.3(W) 3.78(D) 0.9(H) inches, 300g / 8.66(W) 3.78(D) 0.9(H) inches, 545g(seika mini24)
OS Windows XP through Windows 8 (32 or 64-bit). iOS, Mac OS X
Accessories Leather carry case, Neck strap / AC adaptor(5V/1A) / USB Cable (one head is USB male, the other head is mini USB male), for battery charging and screen reader data transfer / USB memory disk / 4G Micro SD card(pre-installed) / Documentation and Drivers on a CD, User’s Manual